Igor User Resources & Contributions

Igor Video Tutorials

The video tutorials include:

Online Searchable Igor Pro Manual

Search the Igor Manual, view or download individual sections of the Igor manual as PDF files.

Programming in Igor Pro, by Martin Schmid

Programming in Igor Pro: A Comprehensive Introduction (paperback: 146 pages) by Martin Schmid is an introductory text to Igor's built-in programming language (Igor 7 and above).

You will learn about fundamental aspects like functions, variables, and strings - but also about regular expressions, bitwise operations, and graphical user interfaces.

In addition, the book comes with 15 fully functional example projects.

This book is the right choice for you if:

  1. You are already using Igor, but you want to get more out of it.
  2. You have never programmed before and you want to learn a somewhat simplified programming language to understand the basic concepts (the core of Igor's programming language resembles a simplified C dialect).
  3. You are a scientist or engineer and you want to write programs with a direct access to a powerful data analysis and visualization environment.

Tools for Igor Users

Our users have developed a number of refined tools and utilities for Igor Pro, and made them available to the Igor user community.

Igor-Related Third Party Products

This section provides links to third parties that provide add-on modules for Igor Pro, hardware for data acquisition or use Igor in conjunction with their own products.

Igor Mailing List

A discussion forum for Igor Pro users: ask questions, find out about nifty utilities from other users, get the latest news from WaveMetrics. We maintain a searchable archive of past messages.

Igor Exchange

A user-to-user support and collaboration web site that is sponsored by WaveMetrics. Its main features are a forum and places where programmers can upload complete projects or "code snippets" and users can download them.

Igor FTP Resources

Our FTP site, and mirrors, contains a wide variety of Igor Pro resources and utilities you may find useful.

Cool Graphs

A compendium of many interesting Igor Pro graphs that our creative users have sent to us over the years.

Igor in the Classroom

Igor users taking advantage of the Igor Pro special coursework license to use Igor as a teaching tool.

If you would like to add your own contribution(s) to any of these areas on our Web site, please let us know by contacting sales@wavemetrics.com