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Gray-scale map of probe intensity

(a) Gray-scale map of probe intensity propagating down an Si <1 1 0> atomic column. x is position across the dumbbell, z is position along the column. The Si atomic columns are at x = 0 and 1.35 Å. The probe starts exactly on the left-hand side of the Si dumbbell at x = 0. Probe conditions are 200 kV, Cs = 1.0 mm, 10 mrad aperture, and 450.0 Å defocus. (b) Surface plots of probe intensity versus x and y at the indicated z.

P.M. Voyles et al. / Ultramicroscopy 96 (2003) 251273

Submitted by
Paul Voyles
Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering Department
University of Wisconsin - Madison