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mass-transfer coefficient

Overall mass-transfer coefficient KG for uptake of reactive gases by surface water (in the absence of interfacial mass-transport limitation) for non-reactive gases (β = 1) as a function of solubility for values of kG and kL indicated on the asymptotes of the curves. Scale at right permits comparison of interfacial and overall conductance for indicated values of the mass-accommodation coefficient α. Also shown are Henry's law coefficients H (open circles) and effective Henry's law coefficients H* (filled circles) of a number of atmospheric gases; the intermediate abscissa scale gives H and H* in units of mol kg-1/(105 Pa) per atmosphere favored by chemists.

Schwartz S. E. Presentation of Solubility Data: Units and Applications. In Chemicals in the Atmosphere: Solubility, Sources and Reactivity. P. Fogg and J. Sangster, Eds. IUPAC Monograph, Wiley, New York (2003); ISBN 0-471-98651-8. pp 18-52.

Submitted by Stephen E. Schwartz, Brookhaven National Laboratory.