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Comparison of modeled and as-deposited microstructure

Comparison of modeled and as-deposited microstructure

Comparison of the modeled (fraction colony-alpha phase) and as-deposited macrostructure of a Ti-6Al-4V part fabricated using an additive laser deposition process.

The graph shows the modeled periodic variation in the amount of colony alpha phase present, in agreement with the layer band morphology of the as-deposited macro-structure. Further details may be found at:

This graph highlights several of Igor Pro's unique plotting and calculation capabilities. The modeled data is shown as an image map that has been interpolated from a coarser resolution using the Matrix2Matrix command. The experimental macrograph is an imported TIFF image, displayed on separate horizontal and vertical axes. In addition, extensive drawing tools were used to highlight the pertinent features on the graph.

IgorPro can also create QuickTime movies very easily bringing visualization to the next level. Some examples are shown below. [~35MB QT]

Shows the as-deposited microstructure in relation to the as-deposited macrostructure over the last several layers of the deposit. This movie was made by importing several back-scattered electron micrographs taken on a scanning electron microscope. Using Igor Pro's image importing and programming capabilities, the position of each micrograph is updated. In addition, Igor Pro's image analysis tools were used to measure the alpha (dark) and beta (white) phase fractions as shown in the movie.[~200MB QT]

The morphology evolution, plotting the amount of colony-alpha, is shown in this movie, which makes use of IgorPro's image and contour plotting capabilities. The apparent erosion corresponds to melting, facilitated by using NaN for these values.[~130MB QT]

This movie shows the modeled thermal history during laser metal deposition processing, and again makes use of image and contour plotting.

Submitted by S.M. Kelly of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Virginia Tech.