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Hot neutron beam facility D3

Submitted by Dr. Eddy LELIEVRE-BERNA of the Institut Laue-Langevin.

This QuickTime VR image presents an global view of the spin polarised hot neutron beam facility, D3.

This instrument mostly measures the Fourier components of the magnetic structures or magnetisation distributions at the atomic scale in single crystals. The list of publications produced with the data collected by this instruments is available from YellowBook/D3 in the "Publications" menu.

This screen shot shows Igor controlling a spin polarised hot neutron beam facility (motors, encoders, power supplies, neutron counters, etc). The Mac is connected to a VME crate with two optical fibres and a BIT3 card, and to several GPIB devices.

This next screen shot shows Igor monitoring and controlling cryogenic devices as well as the variable temperature insert hosting the sample. The neutron source is regularly operational 24/24 7/7 for 50 days and Igor collects millions of points during that period.

Similarly, Igor is also used in Japan for controlling a "Polarised neutron three-axis spectrometer" measuring the dynamic of atoms (nuclear and magnetic excitations) in single crystals. Eddy has installed and modified his XOPs in order that the same XOPs are used on both instruments. In Japan, Igor controls the electronics via an UDP connection with a NT-2400 electronics produced by Labo (Japanese company).