MRI of Cerebrospinal Fluid

The realization is based on real-time in-vivo MRI-data from quantitative CSF-flow (cerebrospinal fluid) through the spinal canal and around the spinal cord of a human subject. The measurement of quantitative flow is essential to estimate possible surgery if the CSF-flow is too much obstructed due to stenosis of the spine (leading cause of spinal cord dysfunction in elderly people - and those who spend too much time in front of computers I guess -).

The 3D-colour surface shows the mean velocity of CSF throughout one heart cycle, the bottom grey image is a anatomical imaging slice of the spin.

Submitted by:
Burkhard Mädler, PhD
University of British Columbia - Vancouver
Dep. of Physics and Astronomy / Vancouver Hospital
2221 Wesbrook Mall - Purdy Pavilion, Rm M10
Vancouver V6T 2B5