HDF5 Support

Igor Pro includes extensive support for reading and writing HDF5 files through an included HDF5 package. The package consists of an HDF5 XOP (plug-in) that adds many operations which can be used from Igor procedures and an Igor procedure file that adds a powerful HDF5 browser to Igor.

The HDF5 Browser

After installing the HDF5 package, you create an HDF5 browser by choosing Data->Load Waves->New HDF5 Browser.

HDF5 browser

To browse an HDF5 file you click the Open HDF5 File button. The HDF5 browser then displays:

The HDF5 browser also allows you to:

Igor's HDF5 package supports the "HDF5 Image and Palette Specification" version 1.2.

HDF5 Programmable Operations

Igor's HDF5 package adds operations that you can invoke from Igor's programming environment. These operations allow you to:

To try Igor's HDF5 package, you need Igor Pro 5.04 or later or the Igor Pro demo, version 5.04 or later. To install the HDF5 package, run Igor, choose Data->Load Waves->Packages->Install HDF5 Package. Then do the HDF5 Guided Tour in the HDF5 Help file.