2D graphs

monster graph

Igor Pro's 2D graph types include highly customizable X-Y (line, marker, area and bar) plots, contour, image, and category plots. As illustrated by the graph to the right, you can combine any or all of these forms in a single graph window. Igor places no limits on the number of graph objects or the size of your data.

In Igor, as you expand or shrink a graph window, the graph automatically takes full advantage of the available space, expanding or shrinking font, marker and line thickness to optimum values approprate for the new size. Of course, you can force a graph to specific size or aspect ratio and can override automatic adjustments.

Igor's annotation dialog enables you to create arbitrarily complex text boxes, legends (including color scales) and dynamic tags that can automatically present data values. Dynamic tags can not only be attached to points on an XY plot but can even be attached to pixels on an image plot. Tags can be set to automatically rotate tangent to the point on the curve to which they are attached.

Graphics Speed
Dramatically faster than competing programs
Graphs refresh almost instantly
Special support for real-time data
Graphics Flexibility
Unlimited number of curves and axes on a graph
Unlimited number of graphs
Precise control of graph features
Customizable dashed lines
Full support for error bars
Text markers and 62 built-in marker symbols, arrows and wind barbs; user-defined markers
72 fill patterns, positive and negative fills, and fill between curves
Display of date and time data in a wide variety of formats
Fully customizable axes, reciprocal axes
Text annotations with subscripts, superscripts, font and style changes
Text annotations with automatic readout of data values
High-resolution drawing tools

Igor's graphics are publication-quality, and have graced the pages of respected scientific journals. You can extensively "tune" the appearance of graphs to meet the demanding requirements of scientific and engineering publications.