Patcher's Power Tools for Electrophysiologists ... and Others

Patcher's Power Tools is a collection of Igor XOPs and procedures originally created by Dr. Francisco Mendez and now in the care of Frank Würriehausen of the Department of Membrane Biophysics at MPI Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, Germany.

You can download PPT from the Department of Membrane Biophysics:

PPT's features include:

  • Statistics of multiple waves
  • Wave slimming
  • Calculation of buffered calcium concentration, liquid-junction potential ...
  • Loading of Pulse™ and X-Chart™ files
  • Drawing scale bars, zero lines and time markers
  • Control bar for easier modification of graph axes
  • Ccontrol panel for automated peak analysis
  • Control panel for automated single- and double dose-response fit