Interface of Dr. Peter Rehbein's Igor-based application GelQuant.

This interface example is from Dr. Peter Rehbein's Igor-based application GelQuant.

The software was used for the paper Integrated protocol for reliable and fast quantification and documentation of electrophoresis gels.

The abstract for the paper:
Quantitative analysis of electrophoresis gels is an important part in molecular cloning, as well as in protein expression and purification. Parallel quantifications in yield and purity can be most conveniently obtained from densitometric analysis. This communication reports a comprehensive, reliable and simple protocol for gel quantification and documentation, applicable for single samples and with special features for protein expression screens. As major component of the protocol, the fully annotated code of a proprietary open source computer program for semi-automatic densitometric quantification of digitized electrophoresis gels is disclosed. The program ("GelQuant") is implemented for the C-based macro-language of the widespread integrated development environment of IGOR Pro.

The software and interface were created by Dr. Peter Rehbein, University of Frankfurt am Main, using Igor. An example 3D image of a corrected gel for quantification.